Fox Hunt


We are meeting on second Saturday of the month at Meadows Family Restaurant in Franksville WI.


Updated on 2/9/2024

  1. We communicate on LRA 2m repeater at 147.270 + .6 PL 127.3Hz PL tone. Hunters have to check in to the NET at the beginning of the hunt and inform the Fox if they are laving the hunt.
  2. Winner of the hunt will be the Fox for the following hunt.
  3. Transmitters – Fox can choose to hide his own transmitter or use one or more transmitters provided by the Club. The transmitters will remain enabled and concealed for the entire duration of the hunt.
  4. Frequency – Hunters will be informed of hidden transmitter frequencies by the Fox, at the beginning of the hunt.
  5. Transmitters have to be located within the hunt area and accessible to participants without necessity of trespassing or paid entry.
  6. Scoring – Team scores will be determined based on the number of transmitters found. In the event of a tie, priority will be given to the team that has driven the fewest miles.
    • 1 point for taking part in the hunt.
    • 1 point will be awarded for each transmitter found.
    • 1st place will receive 3 points.
    • 2nd place will receive 2 points.
    • 3rd place will receive 1 point