LRA Happy Hour “The Un-Net” Net.

Every day at 2200Z (5pm Central) at the LRA repeaters and AllStar nodes

This is a fun, largely unstructured but moderated “Un-Net” where the moderator writes the rules. Check in with your call sign and share your happy thought. This group meets daily on both the 442 and 147 repeaters linked together at 5:00pm sharp. Moderated regularly by K9WBT, N9BUN, and KD1Z. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays feature our guest moderators. Join us! A beautiful certificate courtesy of Dave, NP2I, is awarded for 100 check-ins. Over 35 certificates have been awarded to date.

This net has its own private mailing list on the This is an invitation-only group. Please send email to the LRA Secretary, or to Fred – K9SO or Matt – AF9Q to be invited tot he group.