Newsletter for December 2022

December 2022
LRA Membership renewal. Board updates. Upcoming activities. Member projects and successes.

Welcome to the November 2022 LRA Newsletter

Important December reminders

Don’t forget to sign up for the annual Christmas party on Dec 18 !!
Also, it’s that time of year again to renew your LRA annual membership. Don’t let this be your final newsletter. Many memberships expire on December 31. To check your membership status, send an email to

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Newsletter for October 2022

October 2022
.ORG domain update, board actions, Nets and discussion groups, upcoming events and member projects.

LRA Board corner

Those of you who have been following the “Great Dot ORG hijacking event” probably have noticed that our old URL, KR9RK.ORG has finally been returned to us. The offending material that was posted there has been taken down and it is finally under control of the LRA. We will continue to use KR9RK.COM and .ORG will simply point to KR9RK.COM . 

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